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Tips to Buy a Good Watch Online 

Wearing a fine timepiece is a tradition that comes with great prestige. When selecting a watch there are distinctive qualities that you can easily become familiar with by learning some brief tidbits of knowledge. For those who wish to learn how to buy a watch online you have arrived at the right place. Our watch buying guide will help you select the correct timepiece in terms of style, brand and functions that suit your own personal tastes.

Watch Features

A watch has the primary function to conveniently display the time in an accurate manner. Finer watches add more timing capabilities with the addition of what is known in horological terms as complications which can include parts such as a calendar window, moon phase display and even the popular stopwatch-like chronograph. It is important to note that chronographs, automatic movements and day-date displays do not necessarily label a watch as complicated. A watch that is considered complicated typically consists of over one thousand parts resulting in more sophisticated functions. Here are the most popular complications found in finer watches.


A common occurrence amongst the features of fine watches is the calendar window usually found on the dial at 3 o’clock. Calendar watches will display the date in a small window usually out to 31 days which require you to manually reset the date on months that have less than 31 days.

More sophisticated models will have smarter calendar complications that run an annual calendar for one full year. It will usually only require manual resetting in March or on leap years in February. A perpetual calendar watch will be programmed to automatically adjust to account for leap years and varying lengths of months with no manual reset needed.

World Time and Dual Time Zone (GMT watch)

A world time watch will display 24 city names on the dial or bezel to represent every time zone. This is also helpful for those who conduct business on many different continents or travel abroad. A dual time zone (GMT) watch will display the time where you are located and one other time zone either with twin sub-dials, an extra hand or a 24-hour scale placed on the dial. This is helpful for those who travel domestically.

Moon Phase Indicator

This will display the lunar phases as seen on Earth by illuminating a portion of a circular disc representing the moon that rotates beneath the dial. The moon phase indicator will rotate completely once every 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes.


This is simply the generic term for any non-chronograph watch that displays information such as the month, day, and date in two or three sub-dials. is the best Frederique Constant discount watch store to buy Frederique Constant watches.